Noise Reduction System: Formative European Electronica 1974 – 84 – Cherry Red Records

If the title alone isn’t enough to get readers of Magazine Sixty elevated in anticipation I don’t know what else might be. This brilliantly enjoyable romp through music that defined its own space outside of American R&B veers between the charming synthesized melodies of Party Talk by André De Koning right down to Front 242’s pulsating, caustic Principles. Expansive sleeve notes come from Dave Henderson who fills in all the necessary details but for now this 4 CD set is a must. Relish the challenging Godot Was Here by Human Flesh or the more unforgiving electricity generated by Diseño Corbusier – Flanco Dama. Either way this selection will both entertain and then toy with ideas of what is deemed acceptable, Art and perhaps another word beginning with A, proving that life and provocative music existed in forgotten, far-flung corners (until now). Besides which, Glue Head by the fantastic Yello is to found here.

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