Nøs – Cantilever EP – Beyonders Music

Where to begin. One part soulful, one part explicitly resolute, this is music to fire up the essence of life with. Beginning via the EP’s title track casting words like dice over a booming shuffle of drums and bass while cool keys add texture to the power of song demonstrating its value remains just as important, even as the embers of 2023 lose hold. Pure and simple. The likewise excellent, The Secret follows in mysterious footsteps as the pulse of drum generated percussion sets the pace for smoky horns, a breath of voices, alongside blissful swirls of pads to wash over you in equal measure. Losing you in a haze of the temptingly beautiful. Next, Homecrawl feels more like a live band engaging your senses in a blur of funky jazz improvisations feeling and sounding much like a cosmic gift. Completing the release are the brutal expectations of Eden crafting more intense drum rhythms together with guitar and electric piano, hinting at Balearic yet charged by a full blast of intuitive D&B. All in all this is a thrilling ride in musical terms, expressing freely, with not much in the way of either compromise or clique. Which is of course not only precious but most welcome.

Release: December 8
Buy https://orcd.co/nos-cantilever

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