On The Corner Records – Door to the Cosmos Dancefloor Sampler

When you listen to Dengue Dengue Dengue – Yodeller which opens up this selection from On the Corner Records your sense of time and space gets displaced. Not in a sci-fi way but you start connecting all the music you have ever heard with the fact that sound and rhythm is such an exciting thing. Variation is the key here with numerous styles of content serving all sorts of feasts from the explosive drum and bass of The Diabolical Liberties through to the bluesy shapes of Uffe’s brilliant Free House. I’m not into everything here but when you end via the warped dancehall shuffle of MPeach’s stunning RMX of Mudras by Sunken Cages things get very interesting indeed.

Release: July 31

buy https://onthecornerrecords.bandcamp.com/album/door-to-the-cosmos-dancefloor-v-a

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