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There is quite often more to the world than first meets the eye. It seems to happen after a gentle scratch under the surface revealing names not readily caught in the net. Quite why they slip through isn’t always apparent, or fair to them and their memory. But here we are in 2023 listening to the outstanding, remarkable output of Finish sound artist Osmo Lindeman.

I know little about him but when you experience his sonic capability first-hand you will want to explore more. This compilation of works spans 1967 – 1974 placing him well within the world of wild experiments in electronic sound, putting the artist in a rightful place among his peers. Listen to Variabile from 67 which is so obviously an amazing creation where you can hear the resounding echoes of all that was so interesting and excitingly radical during that particular time. At a shade over ten minutes it dives through hoops into classical and chaos, all channelled through an illicit array of electrical impulses, way beyond the future. Then or now.

The crazy repeating dance of Tropicana with its pulses simulating drums, alongside the technological whir of arpeggios predates something else as well. Ritual, from 1972 scares like it tantalises sequencing a cascade of haunting voices together with shimmering synthesized lines of brilliant excess. Which the final number from two years later, Spectacle then proceeds to push to even further extremes. Words kind of fail to do justice at this point. Listen instead.

“Electronic music represents the future.
Today, its use is limited due to the complexity of available methods.
Eventually, when the technical production of electronic music becomes simpler, its use will undoubtedly increase. I doubt it will replace a live performance, but you never know.
Electronic music is in some way cold, but isn’t our current world cold?
In politics they talk about ”cold war”, to give an example.
Undoubtedly, there is something really cold about electronic music,
but every era creates art that is related to itself. And art is an essential part of the life we ​​live.
Eventually, I faced the same problems in electronic music composition
than when composing orchestral music.”

– Osmo Lindeman 1959–1961 and 1974

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