Pale Blue – You Stopped Dying EP – Crosstown Rebels

A magnificent piece of music which I have been waiting to review. Not least of all because it challenges, tearing at your heartstrings while unsettling you by the insistent, haunting atmospheres generated via the not-so-gentle whir of synthesized repetition. The fizzy electronics which only enhance the tension are then soothed and smoothed over care off the icy, yearning voice of Elizabeth Wight, who alongside Mike Simonetti form Pale Blue. As a casual aside it is also interesting to note that, You Stopped Dying could be reflected almost as clearly care of acoustic instruments but then that’s important music for you. However, the two remaining tracks remain firmly in the box with the fevered Acid tones produced by Daughter Of Babylon, and the brutal drums of contrasting Love both fizzing with the type of dangerous excitement thats demands you leave the edge of your seat.

Release: February 16



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