Patrick Topping (Hot Creations/ Motion) Q&A

You have impressively already secured a number of releases on Jamie Jones’ Hot Creations. How did you build a relationship with the label and what advantages have you found with being on such as prestigious imprint?

patIt came about through a demo a friend sent to Jamie who liked it and for a year after I was in touch with his tour manager and sending a few of my unsigned tracks, which Jamie started playing. Then the 4th track of mine he played was Walk On, Jamie then signed it and since then I’ve been sending tracks directly to him.

It’s so amazing to be releasing with Hot Creations, as everyone knows them and that has helped so much with raising my profile. I’m so lucky for my first 3 releases to have been on a label, which is so highly regarded and associated with so many wicked artists.

Your latest single: Get Beasty, has already received play from the likes of Pete Tong. Where did the inspiration from the title come from and can you describe the process of producing it?

Beasty was just a daft word one of my mates made up whilst frapping me! It then just stuck for a laugh between us and then kind of turned into a meaning for wicked music or getting wrecked. It’s nothing serious, I wasn’t really expecting the track to then be an A side on Hot Creations haha.

The production process was more or less the same as I normally do. I rarely start a track with a certain sound or style in mind. I just go in and start experimenting or looking for samples, until I find something I like, then just run with it and see where it ends up.

What is the concept behind your night, Motion in Newcastle. What plans do you have for it in 2014?

motMotion started out in 2010 with the idea of bringing some of our favorite artists to the city we live in and it’s basically still doing that but on a much bigger scale now, started out at a 300 capacity venue, now we fill Digital which is 1400.

The city has always had a party reputation. How would you describe the health of the Dance scene there now?

It’s really good at the moment. There is so much going on. Very rarely you will have a weekend without a few decent options, even mid-week is going off now. Motion and Shindig are bringing some of the biggest names to the city and then Ape-x also have cutting edge lineups, but are more student orientated, same with Audio Asylum. Loop do a cool weekly party each Friday and the likes of Jaunt, Dada and others bring more niche bookings in, so there is so much choice really.

Who inspired you to become a DJ and likewise a producer?

I wouldn’t really say there has been one individual who inspired me, more a series of experiences, such as going to Tall Trees in Yarm, where I experienced a proper DJ led club event for the first time (Eddie Halliwell was playing as it happens!), visiting Ibiza for the first time and sneaking in to the likes of Shindig and Habit in Newcastle, whilst under age. Those were my first real interactions with underground dance music and I’ve been hooked ever since.

What’s been playing on your home stereo in January?

A couple unreleased new productions from wAFF, have been getting hammered, always love his stuff. Also Ark – Emba Anthem, such a lethal track.

You have a busy gigging schedule ahead of you. Which nights are you most looking forward to playing at?

I look forward to all of them, honestly I’m still quite new to this and fully buzz from all of it. But I think idea of going over to Australia for 3 weeks to play in March, is mental! Especially cannot wait for that.

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