Paul C & Paolo Martini – Touchdown/ Got You – Snatch! Records

Two of the finest producers in Dance Music once again deliver their skillset with flawless ease. Kicking off with the pounding, thrilling array of tribal drums delivered by the excellent Touchdown, which also contains one of those standout synth moments, the production both cleverly employs a Dub sensibility alongside a feverish dancefloor arrangement resulting in the sort of dark, intensely satisfying, lose yourself grooves that seem to chime with the times we live in most tellingly. Got You, follows with the introduction of commanding voices plus evolving layers of keyboards that build the tension into an inevitable release of energy. The drums are everything required being funky yet hard-hitting and of course most essentially irresistibly rhythmic, following the footsteps of the previous number with more first-rate drum programming coupled with the duo’s intimate knowledge of the process.

Release: TBC

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