Pedro Q&A

Artwork: Beatriz Lacerda / Sara Polja

Welcome to Magazine Sixty, Pedro. It felt like a breath of fresh air today listening to your excellent new single: She Is EP (Wolf Music Recordings). Tell us about how your relationship with the record label first came about and how they have supported you with this second release?

I first met the WOLF guys when trying to find a record label to release my last record – Pedro & Jenna Camille, This is What I am Going Through EP. I met Sharon at Shine PR, she liked my record and passed it down to WOLF. I guess this second record just came as a natural progression from there.

I was wondering who the ‘She’ referred to in the title was?

“She is” is the centerpiece of the record. I made it in the summer of 2016, before the Jenna Camille record, at a time when I was just playing with things that came naturally to me. I guess the concept of ‘She’ varies with time and place, so I can’t really give you a precise answer. 
I remember that particular summer was quite harsh, because as I was making music everyday and continually trying to push my boundaries. The sample popped off “she is true” and I just went with it.

You are originally from Porto, Portugal and have recently moved to Barcelona. What do the two cities mean to you and how does each reflect on you musically?

I moved to Barcelona to pursue my Masters in Sound and Music Computing, but while doing it I found something that I was missing in Porto. I found a community of people that look at music the same way as I do. People like Damián Botigué aka Karmasound (@damienbotigue), Abu Sou (@canelaensurco), Ivy (@ivybarkakati), Hector Rubbio (@surco__) and the people at Discos Paradiso (@discosparadiso) really welcomed me into the city.

How would you best describe the word, Jazz? And what is about it that makes it so special for you?

I wouldn’t dare try to describe it but guitarist Bill Frisell said something that resonates with me: “Jazz is not so much a style as a way of thinking, a process of transforming what’s around you”

Tell us about how your label Hear, Sense and Feel was set-up and your plans for it?

Hear, Sense and Feel was set up to release my most personal records: for and with the people around me. I haven’t pressed more than 50 copies and the artwork is always done by my friend Sara Polja. The first 7″ – B – was a compilation of tracks that I made for someone very special and the next release is a single-sided 10″ that I made with Damián Boutigué.

Please talk us through how, She Is was produced? Can you tell us about your studio set-up and how you like to approach creating music?

That summer was pretty special as I was exploring the boundaries between playing and sampling. Part of the song is played (piano and guitar) and the rest is sampled (drums and horns). I sequenced everything with my mpc2000xl and ran every track into the mixing desk. I improvised an arrangement and that was it.

The set up is constantly changing as I adapt it according to the music I want to create, but right now I am writing a lot with my guitar and piano.

What is your favourite instrument? Do you own one?

I am really into acoustic guitar.

You also DJ. Tell us about how you first got into that and where can people hear you play?

I started djing after releasing my first record back in 2015.I really enjoy sharing the records that make me excited about creating.
Since arriving in Barcelona I played a couple of parties and did some radio shows.

And finally. What does the rest of 2019 hold in store?

I am looking forward to release the 10′ on HSF and I am also finishing some tracks for a future EP.Besides that I have tracks in 2 different compilations from Portugal: Discos Paraiso and Toolicreme.


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