Pedro Sanmartin – Dysania EP – Loot Recordings

Like the clock ticking you know the instant that beautiful music occurs. Pedro Sanmartin’s breath-taking infusion of jazzy/ bluesy notation invigorates all five sense wonderfully as deep chords fuse together with a delicious ambience and punchy drums to strengthen expectations. Melting Pot is a stunning, refreshing piece of music. That emotional rollercoaster continues with the punchier bass strains of Dysania which receives two remixes in kind. Firstly from Death On The Balcony who employ a shuffle of drums and elevating strings to reinvigorate the elements, secondly from Tuba Twooz adding a more synthesized progression into the equation. Finally, Chanking completes the release via Detroit chords along with a probing series of urgency offset by punctuating percussion amid a gathering storm.

Release: January 20 buy

Pedro Sanmartín · Dysania EP (Loot Recordings)
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