Pedro – She Is EP – WOLF Music Recordings

If you don’t love Jazz then please move on. But if you’re seeking out abstract climbs that sequence terse, tense snippets of rhythm and sound that all at once ignite the senses then you’ve come to the right place. Pedro follows up last years This Is What I’m Going Through with these three new titles beginning with the suggestive piano motifs and smoky vocals denoting the title track itself. Blasts of hazy horns, punctuating cymbals and roaming basslines illuminate the accompying journey of thoughts to this most playful arrangement. Meanwhile, the guitar strummed strains of the more introspective Faces Sob O Sol follows suit reaching a forgiving three minutes of intense, rich beauty. Contrasting rather spectacularly is the Moomin Remix which channel’s a brisk fusion of drums and bass across atmospheric pads plus a heady concoction of emotional charges. Piano’s return to form on the breathy Alef creating moods for guitars and effects to move around on the EP’s final number, but all the while you’ll find that there is something deeply grounded and picturesque surrounding all of this music.

Release: March 15

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