Pheek – Dummu – Archipel Musique Canada

A world of words to get lost in. Dummn is hard to describe simply because its unique nature of sounds connect more directly with your subconscious, diving into the surreal, rather that the obvious world right before your eyes. Like a private conversation, albeit one in a profoundly unsettling, shaking your foundations, kind of way. Less to do with the art of reason, more to do with the soul and the edge of rhythm. Making you take note in a measured, performative way rather than say: This is a chord. This is another. This is a third. Now form a band (credit Tony Moon).

Pushing the envelope past what you might wish to encounter on a quiet afternoon it is for that reason a startling communication of sights and sounds seeking to tantalise the airwaves via a series of illicit, almost undefined moments, yet ones that readily sculpt your emotional responses. And by the time you hit the third track, Iode you realise just how overpowering what you are consuming actually is. Totalling five numbers this is again another remarkable selection of sonic adventures from Pheek which you may want to expand upon.

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