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Turning the key in the ignition may seem like an everyday occurrence but in the hands of this ingenious noir suspense is the critical starting point. Unlike most cinema the horizon closes in, rather than opens out, as night proceeds to provide cover for illicit activities following the twists and turns of Belfast tarmac revealing as much of the characters as they do about the intrinsic history driven into collective consciousness. Written by Ben Conway and Directed by Stephen Fingleton.

Like all modern moving pictures the accompanying soundtrack can make or break the tension which in Phil Kieran’s case isn’t even in question. Feeling suitable edgy throughout an underlying unanswered question fuels the nervous storyline with tales of explosive electronic energy never finding time to capture breath. There are standalone tracks such as Last Train To Drums, powerful enough to drive any dancefloor in one direction, while more reflective moments like It’s All Gone Wrong and the opening Nightride Theme capture your attention in more introspective ways. Completing the picture is Le Carousel – It’s All About The Balance, Phil’s live act, who feature a contrasting uplift to the soundtrack while ending on a white line high.

Release: May 6
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