Phil Weeks (Robsoul Recordings) interview

To celebrate twelve years of Robsoul Recordings you are releasing a Best Of series of albums. Tell us why and how you choose the artists to represent the label?

I think the decision of which artists to choose was pretty straight-forward – it had to be the artists that have contributed most to the Robsoul catalog over the last 12 years or so, and are still very active today. DJ Sneak, Chris Carrier, DJ W!LD, Joss Moog, Fries & Bridges & myself have at least done 5 full EPs on the label or more, plus there’s 1 album from Sneak “Housekeepin’”, 1 album from Chris Carrier “Gosse de Paris” & 3 albums from me “Yeah I Like That!” “Love Affair” & “Raw Instrumental”
Can you tell us about how you put your selection together for the series?

To be honest, doing my own selection was the hardest thing to do on the series. I’ve made so many tracks for the label and I love all of them…each track reminds me a specific time since I started the label. So, to start I selected the best sellers (from vinyl & digital), tracks like “All Day Every Day”, “Jack To My Groove”, “Where U At feat. Derrick Carter”, then I tried to balance with the year of the production, using both older and newer tracks.
Some tracks from my first, second and third albums, and in between.  I had about 20 tracks selected after the first draft, then cutting them out until the 11 left was not so easy.  It took me about a few days to decide!
What do you use to DJ on?

I mostly used CD’s these days but still love to bring and play vinyl on special occasions. I will stick to that and don’t feel the need to go to the laptop or USB key…
I also spend some time to encode some of my record collection before each gig.
Tell us about the process involved with you producing a piece of music?

I don’t have a special formula…I can start a track after hearing a very dope sample, or just when I have free time
I love to do music, it can be fucking with my TR909, or the TB303 or just to make some tracky stuff. But most of the time the sample is the key.

Can you tell us about the scene in Paris – your favourite clubs/ bars?

I love Paris, the scene is pretty big and large, from House to Techno but mostly quality. I’m doing my “Get Underground” parties at Rex Club, with my partner Didier Allyne, and I have to say Rex is my favorite spot.
This club has a lot of soul, been there for so long time & still going strong. Easily one of the top European clubs.
But we have also a lot of other amazing clubs in Paris, the Showcase, Cirque Bonheur, some super hype boat parties & more…

 Which records/labels influenced you to start dj’ing and producing?

Talking about House Music, many labels had a big influence on me. I totally got hooked up in 1996, time I knew I wanted to dedicate my life to this culture as a DJ and producer.  US labels like Cajual, Guidance, Prescription, Large, Seasons (Earthtones), Henry Street, Ovum, Groove On, Panhandle, Greyhound, Imperial Dub, Traxx, KDJ, KMS, Accelerate…
UK labels like Classic, 2020 Vision, Drop, MFF, Peppermint Jam, Jaxx Trax, Cyclo, Peacefrog, Fatcat, Azuli, NRK…
French Labels like Serial, Kif, Basic, Brique Rouge, FCom, Riviera…
Svek (Sweden), Stickman, Aquarius (Canada)….
The list can go on and on…I’m a record collector.

Phil Weeks (Robsoul/Underground Chronicles) Channel

Full release schedule:

10th August 2012: Best Of Robsoul: Chris Carrier
17th August 2012: Best Of Robsoul: DJ Sneak
24th August 2012: Best Of Robsoul: Phil Weeks
31st August 2012: Best Of Robsoul: Joss Moog
7th September 2012: Best Of Robsoul: DJ W!LD
14th September 2012: Best Of Robsoul: Fries & Bridges
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