Pluhm – Canzoni Di Buio E Luce – Subexotic

It eventually gets to the point of no return. Where you wonder how to progress describing music beyond the usual clutch of words. Perhaps that is like Lucio Leonardi’s thought process for Pluhm where he pulls ideas from deep inside of himself while revealing something new-born in the process.

Reflecting a deeply personal approach, almost a spiritual one given the church like organ you can witness on occasion while the twists and turns of unsuspecting piano treatments jump between heart-warming and then dangle on the edge of reason. The album plays like a fascinating simulation of sights, sounds and belief systems that are all at once engaging. Like layers of ideas peeling themselves apart under cover of intense light and brooding darkness as moods are enhanced or quietly questioned by an array of dazzling keys, pads and atmospheric drones. At this point I have ran out of words. The music has taken over.

Release: April 29

Subexotic Records · Excerpts from Canzoni Di Buio E Luce – Pluhm
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