Pop Ambient 2022 – KOMPAKT

Wolfgang Voigt’s wonderfully curated selections have been spanning an amazing twenty plus years to date, still remaining fresh and invigorating considering the world of music outside may not always seem so. Take the opening Coiling by Blank Gloss which channels that epic essence of the Cocteau Twins into a new reality or Yui Onodera’s blissfully ambient Cromo 6 and as the story unfolds 2022 becomes rapidly about wonder and celebration. Darker introspection is also crystallised on the more contemplative movements such as the beautifully jazz inflected Grainscan from Reich & Würden. In a sense all life is here from high to low. Watch out for Thore Pfeiffer’s sublime Taunus along with the atmospheric melancholy of Kiss The Horizon by Andrew Thomas lost somewhere in-between Taxi Driver and Blade Runner. Or Blank Gloss’s heart wrenching Anticlimbers. All of this is best appreciated in its transcendent entirety of course sounding like the hallmark of great music which it so patently is.

Release: November 12
Buy https://kompakt.fm/releases/pop_ambient_2022_lp_dl

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