Premiere: Christian Nielsen – Indestructible – SELADOR

Magazine Sixty are very happy to add this premiere to the exciting array of new music we seek to champion in 2019. This is the excellent debut EP for Selador from Christian Nielsen ‘After Midnight E.P’​. No doubt you will have already encountered the Danish Producer’s work at some stage in the game, as he has released on such esteemed labels like Kompakt, Toolroom and FFRR, his resumé indeed speaks for itself. 

Here he offers a brace of heavenly creations in ‘After Midnight’ & ‘Indestructible’ with two remixes coming from EdOne and Florian Kruse, both executing their own perspectives, adding a further expansion to the imagination.

Fresh from celebrating their 100th release this year Selador now progress forwards….

Florian Remix

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