Ralph Kinsella – In the Lives that Surround You – 8D Industries

The rush of urgency that greets you on Holding On To Memory Devices is almost too much to bear. Like its energy is too fast, too soon. Listen a little closer as it unfolds with warmer notes buried within and it seems almost reassuring. The clash of meaning permeating this album is thrilling and compelling in equal measure. Musical and yet wildly radical in that it takes snapshots and ignites them beyond belief. It all sounds unique. It most probably is. It is also beautifully coloured by a diverse range of emotions and pictures telling stories hidden from view, buried in stereo. Try Mt Florida for elevated bliss played tellingly on a guitar, or Elsewhere (it rains) for more of the same channelled in a introspective way – lost and found. Brilliant.

Buy https://ralphkinsella.bandcamp.com/album/in-the-lives-that-surround-you



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