Rampa, &ME and Adam Port – You Are Safe – Keinemusik

The blazing urgency of the opening title track, You Are Safe suggests you are anything but. Although the reassurance of the quality of the music contained within is a relief to know. The trio of artists have created not only breath-taking moments but also a sense of necessity that this primal music is important for your well-being. Moods lift and fall while all the while you are very much tuned into 2017, and with not a Disco re-edit insight you can safely exist in the excitement of the here and now. Experience the irresistible percussion fuelled rhythms and impassioned vocals of Guilt Trip or the melodic temptations of the R&B flavoured Bumper featuring Nomi Ruiz, or indeed the piano punctuated swansong that is Muyè. Either way it feels like much of life’s music is covered and explored on this collection of songs and atmosphere’s.

Release: November 24


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