Reclame / Khristian K – Moira Tools 001 – Moira Tools

It feels like running after something you have just missed. But am so glad I caught up with this release before it escaped me. Having literally just appeared on Moira Audio Recordings brand new offshoot, Moira Tools these are exceptional pieces of music that deserve your fullest attention. In ways Khristian K’s epic, mind-bending, deliciously realised production, the aptly titled, Eruption talks up everything that has really excited me in 2017: forward-thinking, adventurous, not stuck in the past, brilliant, body-teasing sounds that all at once electrify and ignite your stereo image of life. Quietly reflective, yet dangerously provocative these layers and movements of sound speak for themselves in the end – tune in below! The A-side sees Reclame deliver the stunning, Riaffiorire with similar impact cruising ambient infused highways with a course, regenerated electricity that belies its own sense of self-worth. Touching upon 15 minutes of rewarding pleasure this arrangement reaches all sorts of referencing points while very evidently creating its own. MUSIC.


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