Rekombinant – Bridge Between Us – Subexotic Records

Rekombinant - Bridge Between Us - Subexotic Records

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts, seems to fit the shape of this ever evolving, ever undulating reckoning of the human condition, exploring avenues while chiming at ceaseless emotions. That can in part be due to the wealth of individual collaborations featured across a number of pieces music here. Likewise the effects simulate a roller-coaster of sights and sounds as they pulse, caress and dive into blissful oblivion on occasion. I guess you could use a word such as meditative to reflect upon the effects of certain tracks but there are also plenty of knife-edge moments being dangled throughout as words enhance sounds, or vice versa. Try, A Glimpse of Youth (feat. Raffael Seyfried) for beautifully poignant piano or perhaps the thrill of the reoccurring, ambient release of Radiophonic Corp, or the low-slung vocals of Not Only Grey for grinding intensity. There is also the painfully short, Mass Black Implosion speaking for itself. Although, however you wish play it, Bridge Between Us justifies being listened to as a whole entity to truly satisfy its conversation. Just like we used to.

Release: August 11

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