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Timo Garcia
303 Lovers

Always exciting to hear from Timo Garcia and as this is delivered by 303 Lovers you can guess just what means! Based loosely around Sly Dunbar talking about the switch from analog to digital drum programming in Jamaica this splices the dividing line between melody and rhythm together perfectly. After lulling you into a false sense of security with its bass throbbing rhythm section warm yet off-set stabs are added to heighten the sense of occasion on the original version. The Kingston Mix then steps it up a gear, while DZeta N’ Basile provide a stunning remix by twisting the elements over a feverish House groove. 8

Available Beatport 16 Sept 11


‘Like Valley of Paradise / Star Lazer’

Heard this again one morning, as its just reappeared, and have to say it still sounds exceptional this afternoon. You may already be familiar with their excellent series of re-edits such as Talking Heads ‘This must be the place’ however this is the first single to be lifted from the imminent album – and if this is anything to go by, well you know the cliché by now. Stirring strings, mellow Rhodes and hallowed vocals elevate this to somewhere far beyond and I really can’t recommend it highly enough – certainly if you’re of a Balearic disposition. Meanwhile, Star Lazer sparkles spectacularly with euro-disco flair: think Koto and Cerrone and you’ll be in the right location. 9


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