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MARINI’S on 57 – Sunset Hours Volume Two
Compiled by Chris Coco & Afterlife
Secret Life

I probably end up at this time every year thinking wouldn’t it be nice to have a selection of super chilled, emotionally charged music with just the right amount of uplifting melancholy. And low and behold here we are. Of course, that would be to encourage a disservice to this all year round quality music that doesn’t need sunshine, or the sea, to exist (MARINI’S is a bar, restaurant and lounge in Malaysia, located on the 57th floor of a skyscraper!). Plus, you would be hard pushed to find two better examples of the genre than long time advocates Chris Coco & Afterlife aka Steve Miller. For me Christian Prommer’s gorgeous, jazzy ‘Can You Feel It’ is about as cool as it gets, and is followed by the inevitable acoustic guitar of Micko Roche’s lovely Baltimore. And so each track occupies its own special place, indeed there is no filler here, no fluffy ambience with each piece of music containing its own bite – relaxation isn’t always an option as moods darken too at times. Special mention too for Jose Padilla’s sublime Mojame and Coppé’s crazy, surreal cover version of Fly Me To The Mooooooon which finishes.

Release: Digital 8th June / CD July 2015

Metanoia EP
Tenampa Recordings

DAVI once again pulls it out of the bag conjuring up another first rate forward-thinking production. And luckily for us this one hits the summer button head on. Metanoia, comes drenched in rich atmosphere with swirling pads and chiming guitar lines feeling suitably breezy and intense across heavy beats plus brooding bass – music to get lost in for sure. Next, Ordinary Nightmares lays down a series of blistering FX together with edgy synth hits, while the addictive, commanding basslines of Illusion completes this cosmopolitan blend of sights and sounds perfectly. Excellent.

Release: July 6

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