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Fuck Music
Toy Tonics

Must be something about that old time Disco bassline that makes the opening track on the perhaps not so delightfully named (although certainly to the point) latest outing from Kapote and Toy Tonics. In ways you would think that there’s not a lot else to say about filtered Disco grooves over House beats but then listen to this and feel like you’ve just got that one wrong. Aided by punchy timbale, deeply smooth chords this simply feels reassuringly excellent – like you’ve come home. Session Victim provide a great remix by re-tweaking all those lovely elements all over again. N1, then jumps the tempo into gear via a snazzy guitar lick, as indeed does the outstanding Arpeggio. You’ll recognise the guitar sample but not how it has been re-imagined – all twisted amid sizzling electronics. PS limited to 300 copies!!!

Release: November 16

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It’s On EP

cooksitson-2_250Love the imaginative, creative combination of sounds that drive All You Need to an inevitable conclusion. It’s warped sense of reality begins life with a twisted layer of ambience that soon becomes wedded to tough beats and deep bass, emotive vocal snippets and keys all playing out as a first-rate involving piece of music. The equally great, Mind on the other hand gets tougher with darker flavours of bass and hot shuffling percussion while A Nod To 88 not surprisingly follows with sparky Acid electronics neatly contrasted with warmer chords. Nutdown, ends with more breakbeats grooving in-between suitably low-end tones and suggestive hypnotic loops of sound.

Release: November

Christian Piers
Sambos Sub

Brooding, somewhat gorgeous and dark. If that description tempts you into Christian Piers’ (SOURCEUNKNWN) way of thinking then this new Ep on the Catz ‘n Dogz vinyl-only imprint will have you chumping at the bit. The addictive title track springs to life with a commanding breakbeat playing across brutal kicks, all feeling tough and tribal, with the arrival of pulsating stabs sounding particularly appealing played LOUD. Next, Texture conjures up deeper rhythms with undulating pads accompanying taught Detroit bass and further pulverizing beats plus Acid undertones. The excellent Step Into The Light Until We Meet Again, then seeks out the Disco with funkier percussion and Jazzy synth overtones again completing another compelling production. To finish the though-provoking You Shouldn’t Let Poets Lie To You ends with a succession of fiery snares and a sense of urgency leaving you in a rush.

Release: November 6

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