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BCR_47 2Ben Sims presents
Ron Bacardi
Rock Your Body
Bass Culture

Ben Sims aka Ron Bacardi feels so very right landing on the excellent Bass Culture opening this three track release with the devastatingly hot, ‘Rock Your Body’. You’ll need some quality bass bins to handle the production’s fierce low-end theory or be left feeling bruised by its crushing beats and dirty bass. There are even a few subtleties too as the meandering, haunting vocal line twists around the rhythm section, though not that many. ‘First Effort’ works the beats into a tribal fury which eventually explode into a hint of classic Disco. Leaving the equally killer, ‘The Money’ to end with more of a Disco twist this time shot across blistering hi-hats plus straight-up and relentless House Music kick drums.

Vinyl Release: October 30
Release Date: November 6

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original_imageiO (Mulen)
To The Unknown
Apollonia Music

Have to confess that I’m glad I given this a second listen otherwise I might have missed out on this records rugged beauty and hidden depths. At a shade over ten minutes long this is all about the groove which certainly hits you hard and heavy, but there are also a wealth of other layers to discover too, like the swirling ambience and fiery snare programming that underpin this highly impressive arrangement. The Malin Génie remix then ads a slinky bassline alongside insistent hi-hats and jazzy keys to give the track a fresh, swinging alternative.


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