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Robsoul Recordings

This is so irresistibly infectious and that’s all the justification required here.  The title track’s taught rhythms almost play second fiddle to the punchy piano lines which pack even more swing than most. But then this does all work together so sweetly. Voodoo Effect provide a more robust version leaving the keys alone but adding some imaginative extras into the arrangement. Next, there’s the 90’s flavoured Dub which is due to its punchy, although fimilair sounding organ lines. Second track, Damnson is much grittier combining layers of agitated grooves together to produce the desired effect to complete the release.

release date April 15th,

PACK SHOT Black Sonix - Black Arts Vol 2 - TRIBE TraxBlack Sonix
Black Arts Vol.2

Yet another hot release from the Tribe Records sub imprint this time with Black Sonix delivering three smoking rhythms for your delight. The grainy ‘Incidental’ opens with perfectly timed, classic sounding Deep House and is followed with the Detroit tones of 24 Steps which sizzle across strident beats. However, it’s the thumping tribal rhythms which belong to Djembe Dance that truly stand out. Fuelling passionate drums along with cool chords and snazzy snares this is the sort of soulfully charged music you don’t get to hear quite so much of now (accompanied by a fierce Beats version too).

Release: April 8

original_imageDaniel Lera
Have To Talk Tonight EP

I’d almost forgotten just how much I love Congo’s and Bongo’s but this set of three tracks from Daniel Lera supplies a choice reminder on Nicole Moudaber’s imprint. Driven by rolling grooves alongside shuffling shakers and hats plus occasionally hot R&B vocals: Have To Talk Tonight delivers atmospherically charged funk impressively. Followed by, Babbling In Dreaminess lending a tougher edge to proceedings with the more highly-strung ‘Let It Ride’ ending with yet more percussion informing the rhythms amid temptingly smoky voices.

Release: April 25

WebCompassion Crew presents
Compassion Cuts, Tapes & Acetates
Major Problems

Pretty much essential listening. This wild yet crazy compilation of the weird, wonderful and generally out-there could be the most intriguing selection of disjointed thinking you get to hear all month – or possibly even year. Complied via Dublin’s Compassion Crew this plunges into the depths of 80’s leftfield Dance, New Wave and risky poetry. But all preformed in the best possible taste. Go listen for yourself!

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