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Igor Jadranin
Boulevardd EP
Back To The World

Boulevardd induces the type of sizzling energy not quite heard since the electrifying days of DJ Pierre’s extended creations. Caustic, distorted snare beats feel fierce in amongst the general dirty goings on but this also points toward a jazzy sensibility that makes perfect sense once the rousing piano drops in. When you think about – and after all that’s what we should like to do – this is a clever production that all at once sounds future / retro. Middle Proves continues the jazz/ funk theme via meandering synthesisers and tasty drum programming, while Ashley Beedle’s North Street Mix lays down a much sassier interpretation smartly primed for hot summer nights ahead. Finally, the covers blown to reveal a pure roots version of the music complete with smooth trumpet, piano and awkward rhythms on Hero.

Afternoon Sadness
Mother Recordings

A seriously excellent piece of music by Ecuadorian producer/ DJ Ordonez which hits all sorts of the right notes in the right order. It’s tinged with hints of sadness but as with so much melancholy music it succeeds in producing uplifting feelings as well. Another release that’s certain for the summer ahead with its Balearic leanings, poignant guitar strums and delicate piano’s all capped off by smouldering vocals. Picture perfect. Next, Back Home picks up the pace with a funkier line in Horns and shuffling drum rhythms completing another killer outing from Mother.

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