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Dana Ruh
‘Kickboxing EP’
Buzzin’ Fly Records

Always guaranteed to be tastefully executed Buzzin’ Fly once more delivers thoughtful music for your listening pleasure. If you’re already familiar with Dana Ruh’s Brouqade imprint then you will be pleased to hear four tracks go to make up this fine EP. Opening with a haunting vocal refrain Kickboxing then combines light and shade in equal measure through crisp drums and warm pulsating undertones, with the cumulative effect being a captivating piece of music which you may well lose yourself in. This, reworks Acid House for 2011 and of course references the past but still manages to feel funky and contemporary. What I’m Telling You returns to deeper atmospheres with another intense and expansive feeling production reaching over nine minutes. Leaving, That to perk things up again with more Acid overtones and classic sounding percussion injecting plenty of spice. 9




‘Cansolo EP’
Look Ahead Records


Brian Logstrup’s two tracker for Look Ahead Records continues the labels theme of good quality House music nicely. Cansolo has the sort of drums which were prevalent in the early nineties ie they swing! Indeed the whole thing feels like something from that era but then so much does these days, however the organ and techy bassline both join to produce an irresistibly funky affair which you can’t help but move too. Second track Mala feels more contemporary with soundtrack sounding speech adding to the tension building strings as the tough bassline and smart arrangement work extremely well together. Put it this way it was immediately replayed with the volume constantly going up…8





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