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Ryan Taubman
‘Back From The Moon’
DisFunktional Music

If you want to spend time trying to class this as techno, house, tech-house or whatever then please be my guest – sometimes it’s hard to figure that one out precisely. If on the other hand the words, syncopated bass and throbbing electronic beats are more to your liking then this is most definitely for you. This is Ryan Taubman’s second release for the label and once again it doesn’t disappoint with hypnotic twisted rhythms and off-kilter noise galore this proves to be rather irresistible. Danny Jay then turns out another fine mix by tweaking the elements and adding bleeps to his deeper take on, Back from the Moon. Random Encounter, almost feels accessible in comparison while, What Stays the Same moves back to deep and pounding with distorted notes and hot tribal voices. 8

released: 26/08/11



Luis Sastre
Pole Position Recordings

More tough grooves (good) this time from Toronto based Luis Sastre with what turns out to be the labels seventeenth release! Not sure if, Shakey refers to the earth shaking sub-bass or something else entirely but none the less this sounds monumental LOUD with tripped out voices and driving tribal rhythms scoring high with Magazine Sixty. Do One More, is possibly even better with yet darker sub, infectious percussion loops and insistent preacher vocals which quite literally twist the proverbial. Lovely. 9

Released Sept 5

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