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‘7 am at elroy’
Mile End Records

Apparently inspired by the music played A.M at the Barcelona club of the same name (flight booked) its music like this which makes it all worthwhile. Shuffling percussion sets you up for the launch of one an almighty kick drum and is followed by possibly the best bassline I’ve heard all month! Again there are plenty of classic House music references to be had from the perky piano chords to the somewhat unsubtle ‘Can you feel it’ vocal to keep you hooked. Darius Syrossian then retains the bass, adds crisp hats and clap, plus a killer arrangement that works the piano to distraction. What else is there to be said, great remix. 9



Jini Cowan
‘Debut EP’
Axis Trax

Excellent debut from Manchester’s Jini Cowen and if this is anything to go by…
Opening track, Canyon is simply stunning with the deep bass combining with dreamy synths and atmospheric swirls to evoke somewhere between melancholy and ecstasy. An original piece of music for sure which is followed by the more dance floor orientated, Into The Deep and again has shimmering electronics conjure up future/ retro moods perfectly. The notable thing here is the organic feel to the music which doesn’t feel either too static or overly programmed. Plucker adds melody to the fuzziness and haunting notes while, Space Guitar rounds off with creative percussion and yet more juicy bass. 9
Available on Beatport August 29

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