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Magda, Marc Houle, Troy Pierce
‘Down & Out Vol 1′
Items & Things

Featured on their own label the trio continues its theme of off-kilter, imaginative music that isn’t afraid to get twisted. Opening with Troy Pierce, Majikal and a strident bassline which is abetted by upsetting electronics and insistent beats this isn’t sweet melody by any means. Fixation by Magda and Suade is next and its intense, almost acid lines are worked to fever-pitch by fiery percussion and dark voices most effectively. Marc Houle’s, Slowpe then eases the pace (relatively) with oddball horn sounds and more introspectively sequenced notes. 7

Release Date: Sept. 19. 2011


Lee Daines
‘Club Sex EP’
Deep Edition Recordings

A change in tempo can always be welcomed as Lee Daines return to Deep Edition indeed testifies. But much as I love the slow driving beats and deep grooves, on what is essentially a great instrumental, I’m just not sure about the vocal hook on Club Sex 808 – maybe its repetition will change on next listen. Ed Maddams provides the remix with warm jazzy Rhodes, classy strings and funky techno bass while not featuring the voice in the same way on his enticing version. Guys Got Dubs again attacks the senses with swinging percussion, punchy organ and repeated words to round off impressively. 7

Released Exclusively on Beatport 12th Sept 2011
All other stores from the 22nd September

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