Teotima Ensemble
Counting The Ways
First Word Records

We all like a touch of Jazz. Although it’s a shame that I don’t get to hear as much contemporary stuff this more than makes up for the shortfall. All the tracks are quite long – which is good – and conjure up the sort of atmosphere that is both thoughtful and thought-provoking. Packed full of strings, lush vocals and accompanied by a warm, inviting production score this all makes for happy/ melancholy listening of a higher order. Check the video below and see just what I mean….


Franco Vizzo feat. Brenda Alonso
Unless Your Memory
Get Slow

GSR005 BAnother distinctive, and dare I say fucking great, record this week is care off Argentinean imprint Get Slow. Love the brooding jazzy piano which hangs in the air until the deadpan vocal hits you. It’s all inescapably funky, yet a little downbeat which is precisely its charm. Also try the Fer Marino Remix which again plays with the same atmospheres albeit with a deeper edge and Acid tweaks, while warm pads rush over you. Nice.

release: December 18


David Scuba
Turbo Slutt EP

SFD012_1500X1500Spent many years trying to avoid being slightly inclined towards Techno but then this happens once again via Superfreq. I don’t really care for labels much as they tend to get in the way of the music. However, David Scuba’s outstanding production generates such a striking response that it’s hard not to fall under its spell. The title track is as sleazy as it implies with reverberated sounds bouncing off the walls amid a fierce combination of drums and bass. Joint Custody re-imagines the elements on their version, while Jonni Darko ups the tempo on his. The warped funk of Schnizz forms the final track with an undulating rhythm that is just irresistible.

release: December 18

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