Afeke Iku
Order of Direction
Yoruba Records

afefeI’d hate to simply call this interesting as it kind of demeans the experience. However, this very intriguing, enticing listen from Afeke Iku reveals more of itself with each play to be a bit of a masterpiece. Part of the charm lies within its not so easy to categorize electronics which I guess shift somewhere between jazziness and ethereal spaceiness, and at times hints at classic American minimalist structures such as on the sublime Azimuth and Watch Face – I can even hear Robert Fripp’s influence in there somewhere too. Elsewhere the music is more attuned to Detroit as on the splendid repetition of Beyond Geography, with perhaps the only nod to the dancefloor really being the Osunlade collaboration: Apollo 11. I suspect that this will become a firm favourite, summer soundtrack as the more you lose yourself in the Order of Direction the more entwined you become. So much so that it becomes almost impossible to turn off.

release: June 22

Tempelhof & Gigi Masin
Hoshi L.P
Hell Yeah Recordings

The second and equally stunning long player this week for me is this from Tempelhof & Gigi Masin. And again it combines weird and wonderful sounds that sometimes defy description but which certainly have a high emotional impact. There are some eleven tracks of dazzling magnitude on Hoshi which play with your mind along the lines of horizontal listening. Sometimes leaning heavily of a Jazz tip, see the wonderfully titled Interstellar Bop, at others dripping with heavenly ambience like the opening Jolla or on Silver Wave. This is introspective, and at times purely gorgeous. Listen to the classical piano of Session One (Reprise Bonus) and hear what I mean.

release: June 18

Jules & Moss
Nans et Moots EP
Kittball Records

There’s something about the original mix of Nans et Moots EP that really gets under your skin. Its darkly tuned Organ creates an unsettling atmosphere as does the developing spoken vocal, although this is offset by some great fiery snares and improvised keys adding colour to the captivating arrangement. Remixes come from Oliver Schories and Animal Trainer. The two remaining original tracks showcase another side the production duo with the easier, more playful funk of Auto Like and the addictive,  undulating high-energy of Golden Cheebre to complete the attractive package.

release: July 1

New Day, New Light
Lazy Days

All of a sudden there is a rush of great summer music around and this is certainly exceptional. Three brand new tracks from Alexander Lay-far with the title track proving a sure fire winner. Pounding drums and filtered good-times grooves give this a breezy seal of approval coupled with classy piano and soaring strings too. Next, the Jazz/Funk referencing Tru shuffles along nicely, as If Only The Time picks it up again with sassy percussion and more hot filter action making this a recommended listening/ dancing affair.

Tomson, Eddie Leader & Chez Damier
I Am With You
Hudd Traxx

With the vinyl release due out sometime soon it’s well worth refreshing your memory in case you missed out on the digital addition last month. Hudd Traxx have been doing a neat line in House Music for a while now and this tough production is one of their finest to date for me. The bass hits hard and the hi-hats positively sizzle as the undulating chords build and drop across the course of the arrangement, with Chez Damier’s soulful vocal working its way deftly into the rhythm. A great Dub version compliments featuring hints of the voice alongside lots of the keys for extra good measure.

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