OHOliver Huntemann
PLAY!05 Live in Vienna
Senso Sounds

Live albums may seem like a novel approach these days but the opening sounds of people cheering and shouting to the DJ dropping in the voca lof Josh Wink’s, ‘Are You There’ causes quite a sensation. The expectation levels then build with the rough bass of the Hallo Halo remix of Djuma Soundsystem Vs. Shades Of Gray, ‘Madness’ and then onwards through music from the likes of &Me’s pounding ‘Locust’ and Oliver Huntemann’s own engaging and excellent tripped-out, ‘Vienna’ which appears as one of a number of album exclusives. It’s a fascinating idea to produce a series of live albums each featuring different locations in the world and the second CD, as you might expect, gets that bit deeper and darker with Radio Slave’s ‘Don’t Stop No Sleep’ typifying the message. BE/LA, ‘Leave’, Rob Hes ‘Survivor’ and Andre Winter, ‘99Solutions’ all supply further standouts from the increased number of firsts’ for Live in Vienna, and with the lights off and volume up it all sounds like one hell of a party.

release: October 6

Irrational Behaviour
Hit By A Truck Records

Aka David Gorez (Nocif) and Johan De Vylder (Juannes) the Belguim  duo deliver deep (yes there’s that word again), intense music that strikes at the very heart of the matter. Irrational Behaviour, sounds like an apt title for this rich seam of atmospheric music that is centred on undulating moody chords plus some excellent fiery percussion work, accompanied by an occasional dark sounding vocal and powerful breakdown. Crack and Crunch deliver a first rate remix that packs even more intensity into the fizzy hi-hat driven grooves that also contain reinvigorated FX along with gritty electronics. Either way a startling listen.

release: October 16

Julie Marghilano
Let It Go feat. Ilhem
Sol Asylum

Label head Julie Marghilano explores various influences in creating this release from jazzy sensibilities through to deeper textures. The title track, Let It Go opens with swirling pads and improvised, emotive vocals by Ilhem on version 2 while a haunting set of electronic notes and motifs create the notable backdrop. The original version then replays the same elements as second track, Soul Print delivers an even more captivating piece of music, via the combination of occasional piano and tastefully repetitive percussion that completely seizes the imagination.

release: October 8

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