Chicco Giuliani
Don’t Clean It Up
Sound Division

Great production from Italy’s Chicco Giuliani who isn’t afraid to blend moods and beats together in a more imaginative way than the usual clichés demand. Fusing Detroit bass along with punchy House drums and then offsetting the arrangement by delving deeper into warm pads and Flute, taking their cue from F.K’s The Whistle Song, gives this time and space to let feelings fly. Plus the fact that there is only the one distinctive mix which still packs it all into a neat 5 minutes containing vocal hooks care of Filippo Tirincanti and impactful breakdowns says it all.

release date: October 13

Nature Of Music
Profound Satisfaction

Now that summer has passed by again and lazily adding the label Deep House to everything seems like a distant memory we get to concentrate on quality and quantity. DJ’s plus also live act Nature of Music aka Maziar and Kian deliver their own take on richly atmospheric that does a whole lot more than just engage your body on the dancefloor. Transcending genres the aptly titled, Profound Satisfaction combines Balearic ambience via swirling pads and gentile acoustic guitar alongside punchy beats and breathy vocals creating a landscape of some beauty. Martin Roth’s excellent remix then transforms the serene sense of bliss into a different direction with tougher drums and attitude lending this a sense of danger that you can’t escape from. Remaining tracks, ‘Shomal’ and ‘Why’ both continue to explore atmosphere’s, moods and colour with flair and imagination projecting forwards.

release: October 13

Sahar Z & Chicola
They Made Me do It/Smooth Melody
Lost & Found

Another great production this week comes via Guy J’s Lost & Found imprint. There is something slightly perfect about the way Smooth Melody constructs its jazz like Bassline and crunchy drums against the array of shimmering synths that works a real treat here. And at over ten minutes long I guess it needs to be. They Made Me do It, again extends a killer rhythm although this time much tougher over its distinctly funky arrangement. Either way, two striking pieces of music.

release: October 6

Esoteric Recordings

If like me you first came across John Kongos in the very early nineties after hearing the Happy Mondays cover of He’s Gonna Step On You Again then this re release via Esoteric is well worth the wait. Originally released back in 1972 this now freshly remasterd version (which also includes bonus tracks) is very much of its time set in the singer/ songwriter mode that flicks between folkier, acoustic moments such as on ‘Lift Me From The Ground’ to the addictive straight-up Rock of ‘Tokoloshe Man’ which the album begins with. At times you can hear the same Country influences the Stones shared with the odd blast of funky Congo lending the likes of Weekend Lady a real swing. But it’s a sheer pleasure to hear just how different the original of He’s Gonna Step On You Again now sounds.

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