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I first visited the Garito Café some 13 years ago after being introduced by reviewing Garito owner Nacho “Gran Reserva” Velasco’s excellent Black Nights In Garito Cafe mix (Flamingo Discos) for DMC Update. Great to hear that magical blend Disco, Jazz & Tech etc influenced House is still being conjured up now via this linkup by: Local Talk and Garito Café. Once again I can only highly recommend this to you with Jesse Futerman opening ‘Life Is A Gamble’ sounding as spiritually charged as you could hope for. The remainder plays just like a succession of standouts should with artists such as Tommy Rawson’s Jazz-Funk piece,’7 Days’ sitting comfortably beside Sasse’s tougher Acid infused ‘Pino’ and even Tanzlife’s first-rate Detroit toned,’Heart Attack’ . Plus with music from the likes of Art Of Tones alongside Fred Everything you know you’re in good company. The release comes as the selected tracks on their own, or as Nacho Velasco’s superlative extended mix. Music to lose/ find yourself in…

release: November 7


Jóhann Jóhannsson
The Theory Of Everything – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Back Lot Music

As life needs the occasional detuning from repetitive beats, mechanical hi-hats and the sometimes rigid arrangements of Dance music this soundtrack about Stephen and Jane Hawking may provide you with a sense of light relief. Its dreamy score by the acclaimed Icelandic writer Jóhann Jóhannsson isn’t all that very dreamy at times with the composer injecting tense stabs of emotion during some pieces, such as Chalkboard, while floating off into space on the proceeding, sumptuous melancholy of Cavendish Lab on the next movement. And while the creative free flowing moments continue with the aptly titled Collapsing Inwards, which references contemporary ambience as much as does classical, the music acts like a catalyst for your emotions: lifting and falling at will, sometimes beautiful, at other times not so. Or as Jóhannsson more succinctly puts it:  The music stems in a way from the tension between Hawking the man and Hawking the scientist. A fascinating and equally rewarding enticement, that along with titles like the Hawkwind-esque ‘A Spacetime Singularity’ asks, how could you not be intrigued?

Soundtrack release: November 4 (USA)

Movie release: January 1, 2015 in the UK.

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