Delivering not so much crash, bang, wallop as this is much more nuanced than that this multi-textured production from Atapy effortlessly moves on more than one creative level. Not to say that this still doesn’t pack a tidy punch as it does via a pounding kick drum and deep throbbing bassline but its chiming, undulating atmosphere’s enhance an altogether more thoughtful perspective. Daniel Wilde supplies an excellent remix with darker tones working up a much more tense arrangement of the track, although that sense of ambience is still wisely included on route.

Release: November 30

MR005Dave Martins, Mimanos
Only Love / Carillon des Marionnettes
Marionnettes Records

The fifth release from Marionnettes is a rather lush, deep affair in the shape of Only Love by Dave Martins and throws up all sorts of surprises along the way. While the beats and bass groove along most effectively it’s the effected repeating vocals and twanged guitar sounds that really enhance the rich atmospheres. This is late-night listening which contains a real bite. Next is Carillon des Marionnettes and is a joint production from Dave Martins & Mimanos that opens with a cinematic, almost Spaghetti Western like theme – or have I completely lost the plot – which drops in an unsuspecting beat around the four minute mark but none the less always feels imaginative, probing and quietly edgy.

Release: December 14

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