David Roped
‘White Keys’
Kult Records

More excitement from Kult as David Roped first of all teases you with shuffling electro beats and then hits you with deep bass and unpredictable, sinister synthesizers which out scream winter is coming. Touched by an compelling sense of rhythm and reminiscent of classic European electronics this may not do lots, but what it does do it does extremely impressively, and sounds even better the louder it gets. Chris Costanzo’s ridiculously good remix follows full throttle with blazing beats and intoxicating notes reaching an inevitable climax of gorgeous feeling. Think I’ve made the point – where’s the dancefloor! Cyberx then gets syncopated with melodic percussion until more dark keys provide yet another tempting alternative to savior. 9


House Riders
‘Blue October’
DeepWit Recordings

More seasonal faire for your delectation as the next three pieces of music fall neatly into monthly running order. Beginning with the excellent, Blue October and its sumptuous bassline it’s hard to not to fall for the sparkling chords and sweeping fx which conjure up just about the right image. Station Novembre proceeds with a crowd scene of people and places while haunting pads end up with a more tech feel and reverberated voices, while Sweet December finishes succulently with mood enhancing strings and electronic pulses. Atmospheres. 8

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