Alejandro Trebor
‘Quemadura del sol’
Hidden Recordings

Alejandro Trebor’s insanely heavy production has to be experienced at least once in your lifetime. Although, there’s not much in the way of hidden meaning here as you’re pulverized into total submission care of its relentless bass and vicious techno hardware. The only possible light in the tunnel is the spoken voice. But having said that Quemadura del sol is also quite beautiful, in its own peculiar way. The proceeding eight remixes may at first seem a tad over the top but as they reveal themselves they’re each developing individual notions of the same theme – and all excellent in their own right too. 8

release: 14 Nov 2011




Rough Fields
‘The Harbour Wall’
Bomb Shop

The fact that this is also released on ‘hand-made cassette’ conjures all sorts of faded memories from our analogue past but then this music has that emotive quality to it. Mcr’s James Birchall blends to together an evocative selection of instruments which are perfectly summed up on title tracks’ Harbour Wall by expressive drum patterns, atmospheric chords and his own understated vocal. Behave, contains the immortal line, I’ve got to stop drinking so much just because you’re not here to make me stop, and is backed up by unsettling sounds which nicely belie the dark humour. The intense ambience of Waller’s Cut paints its own eerie picture, as indeed does Edge of the Firelight – whose expressive guitar work is exquisite – with Manila providing a lighter respite to finish. 8

release: 14 Nov 2011




James Pullen makes a welcome return with Trip. You will possibly be familiar with the opening sentiment of Industry Whore but never the less this blistering assault of the senses goes way beyond one dimensional thinking. Light and shade are the order of play as Mistabishi probes the reverential Madonna with  relaxed breaks on Wannabe, while exploring European analogue on )))23((( via the darker inducements of RWD The Revolution and Party Politics. Always employing creative thinking this album plays like the soundtrack to the changing seasons which by the time you hit number fourteen, Scene And Not Heard is rapidly exceeding all expectations. By fifteen and Prisoner Of Mother Earth you’re left wondering just where these sounds have come from as the Druggers End finale plays out. 8

release: 15 Nov 2011



James Barrett
Baker Street Recordings

Retaining the international feel is New Zealander James Barrett who delivers quality bassline madness for notable Leeds imprint Baker Street. Fourth, does precisely that with abrasive hi-hats and a twisted b-line complimented by unsettling keys reaching out for the dancefloor. The excellent Just Looking follows with a sense of Detroit cool and produces machine music that purposefully hits the spot. Vanu continues in deep focus with moody atmospherics, with the equally impressive Afters jacking up the tension once again with sizzling effects and pulsating toms. 8

release: 14 Nov 2011



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