Fabric 61: Visionquest
I’m confused. Is this Techno, or is it House? If you really have to draw definite distinctions between electronic music (which you can sometimes dance to) in 2011 then please be my guest. However, the reason I feel this selection from Visionquest merits ten/ ten is because it transcends the distinction and thoroughly blur’s the lines between soul and technology – or are they now one and the same. Also, because listening to the soundtrack evolving produces the same intense involvement derived from playing Miles Davis or John Coltrane. If I can use a word such as beautiful in cold December, I can also use haunting and eloquent too. I love the way the music doesn’t shy away from songs either and they are at once thoughtful and thought-provoking. Musically the productions are skilfully crafted and engage with funk – if you can suggest a better bassline than on DJ T’s remix of Phreek Plus One ‘Passion’ then go ahead – as well as being cinematic in scope for those more heady aspects.  Exemplary. 10


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