Luca Bacchetti
El Maravilloso Mundo De Xilitla

Luca Bacchetti’s stunning journey into sound totals some eleven minutes yet feels less than half that time – which precisely says something about the way this captivating piece of music performs. Indeed, you could argue that the duration was a brave move, but in many ways its beauty in simplicity approach underscores the building layers of atmosphere which also suggest an influence of German 70’s instigators like Neu, resulting in it never feeling rushed, or ever boring. Have to say this is outstanding. It must be, I’ve just listened to it for over 32 minutes on repeat. Music to lose yourself in.

Watch: “PANE & NUVOLE”
a film by Mark Rabadán & Sergi Cameron.
Music and stories by Luca Bacchetti.

Luca Bacchetti “PANE & NUVOLE” (English subtitles) from Luca Bacchetti on Vimeo


DJ Aguy presents Black Silk
Floating – 2012 Remixes (Part One)
Black Vinyl Records

I first reviewed this almost ten years ago for DMC Update and as they say time flies. You couldn’t have picked a better, and now, even more relevant name than Black Vinyl for a record label – they did a great T-Shirt too! But, times and styles do of course change/ evolve and have to say that the Black Silk aka DJ Aguy Dub version by far exceeds the full vocal in this case. Retaining the haunting, Balearic infused guitar and now with extra shuffling rhythms this once again adds rewarding colour to the day. The remix available on Part One comes from Mauritzio Baiocchi, whose Under The Moonlight mix casts fresh light onto the vocal with pulsating tribal rhythms lending the song a greater sense of urgency, while of course replaying the guitar. More mixes to follow…

Available everywhere else Oct 29


Deep Future
Black Cat
Espai Music

Great release from Spain’s Espai Music whose combination of tough, funky bass and deeply emotional, synthetic sound flows seamlessly throughout the Original version.  You could call this relaxed intensity, and I love the way Black Cat thinks outside the box with its wide-ranging, almost ambient sounds – notably the chiming keys – imaginatively playing off a taught beat. Three equally engaging remixes come from Niko Schwind who strips it down to the bare essentials, and Sivesgaard who gives it a deeper flavour with expansive bass, while the remaining Spieltape version picks up the energy with fiery percussion and funky attitude.

release: Oct 15!/espaimusic


Christian Orlo
Feeling Dry EP
Riff Raff

Mexican producer Christian Orlo, who also runs the Dialtone and Southshore imprints, delivers this evocative production for the already noted Riff Raff (despite its 2010 infancy). The first thing that strikes you about Feeling Dry are the crisp production values attached to what reveals itself to be deeply intense, even haunting at times, combining strange electronics with European sensibilities and fashionably disturbed vocals. Riff Raff’s Chic Remix gets moodier, changing the feel of the drums and introducing a heavier sense of occasion. Next, the Jimmy Maheras Remix of the same relieves some of tension with a brighter, though no less atmospheric mood, with handclaps and all. Second tack, Another Night, employs classic eighties vocal snippets and sumptuous bass to underpin another first rate production, which is perhaps more about shade than light, but which sizzles with electric energy and contemporary idealism. Its remix is from 23rd Dimension and their ‘in Hyperspace Dub’ is the unexpected joker in the pack with broken-down beats and shuffling tempo reminiscent of classic 90’s Balearic.

release: October 26

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