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Put simply, this is one of the most notable vocals from this year. In part, because it’s so clearly distinctive, but also because it is so moving and emotional. Obviously the energetic, electro beats and perky keyboards add extra definition to Stevie Kotey (Bearfunk) & Andy Meecham’s (Chicken Lips/Emperor Machine) Original but this really does go some way to befitting the labels’ namesake. Deetron only add to that perception with their remix, as does Crooked Rainbow’s Sky Mix. Dubs and instrumental available too, but you’d be hard pressed not to fall heart first for the song.

release: October 22


Fabio Gianelli
Maison D’etre

I liked 1986 it was the year I first heard House Music. But don’t go dismissing this as retrospective as Fabio Gianelli’s invigorating collage of sounds is firing full steam ahead. At almost ten minutes its imaginative use of acid and weird soundscapes resonates effortlessly together, and feels hauntingly hypnotic, against highly first-rate drum programming. Land of Dreams, continues the theme of the unexpected with another thought-provoking production, while Moments gets deeper with lush moods and hints of acid playing out across the course of several minutes. No Sun, ends the day with hot, Jazzy Saxophone blowing over unsettling beats while leaving you free to appreciate how outstading all of this is.

Leonel Castillo
Natural/ Artificial
Groovear Records

He may be surrounded by an air of mystery, yet Leonel Castillo leaves you in doubt as to the dexterity involved with both these cuts. Natural, opens in a blaze of glory with thumping kick drums and looped vocal edits pounding their way into your brain, but it’s not until half way before the arrival of a twisted array of stabs make some sort of strange melody out of it all. Once it all comes together it does in a devastatingly, big sounding way. Artificial, then attracts abrasive percussion and moody chords together, which again progresses somewhere around mid-term with jazzy abstractions feeling weirdly wonderful.

release: October 22



I doubt whether Portuguese Disco aficionado Luis Clara Gomes AKA Moullinex cares too much about being labelled retro when his music, after all, feels this good. Right from the opening notes of Sunflare the music sings like sunshine in that peculiar Balearic sounding way which puts you in mind of ecstasy and hot summer nights. First single from the album, Take My Pain Away proceeds with classic euro-disco syncopation and shouting vocals demanding to be played at every party, while the slower squelchy funk of Deja Vu promises you lashings of sassy, sleaze. Keep You Close, then gets deliciously camp and so the album continues touching various bases and influences from here and there. Title track, Flora probably feels the most contemporary out of it all with its fuzzy, eighties chords and phat bassline fitting neatly into what’s been going on. But, have to say if you like the first track then each subsequent one will delight you with equal measure. – I haven’t enjoyed an album this much in some time.

release: October 26


Psychemagik presents Magik Cyrkles
Leng Records

The first thing you notice here is Luke Insect’s cosmic inspired sleeve design produced in black and white but none-the-less a subtlety striking image. The second is of course the music which segues diverse dots from Sirargusa’s smoothly funky ‘Streap Tease in The Stars’ through to Mandy B Jones acoustic riffing ‘1-2-3-4 (We Ain’t Got much Time). This may well prove to be taste that you would like to acquire, if you are tempted by the sound of Rock inspired Disco that contains more than a Balearic twist. One thing is for sure though, and that is that you can always expect the unexpected. Which is again highlighted perfectly as Malibu’s glorious hi-energy fuelled ‘80’s, 80’s’ blends into Psychemagik‘s edit of Goya’ s  notable ‘House At The Sea’. A listening pleasure.

release: October 22


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