Gentle Help 1500 x 1500James Curd
Gentle Help
The Classic Music Company

You can tell its summer time simply by listening to this. It’s happy, funky music that sounds equally refreshing day, noon or night as James Curd’s Disco propulsion proves to be so easy to groove too it may hurt. Indeed, bassline syncopation like this was built to dance to. That of course, plus punchy drums and vocals along with some rather sassy Fender Rhodes prove this to be all but irresistible. The Black Madonna Less Gentle Jam then adds extra depth to the bottom-end while replaying the keys over throbbing beats for a different angle.

release: July1


House Of 12
12 Records

Cover_12R03_UpdateThere’s something most intriguing about this collection of music that so blatantly references the past yet feels so comfortable in the (sometimes) summer sunshine. Martin Bell’s Helmut Spargle kicks things off with a production that is reminiscent of classic Nu Groove with playful jazzy piano and synths sounding deep and tempting. Rare People House Brand are next with Life like which neatly blends fuzzy bass together with more classy Deep House instrumentation and chopped up vocals. Jacy, hits that timeless Ronald Burrell vibe once again perfectly striking sensuous, ambient chords alongside carefully crafted percussion and echoed flute on Touch Me. While Deep88 finish on the raw edged Me, Myself and an Mpc combining heavy-duty beats with improvised, atmospheric synths.

release: mid/end June


Julian M.
Sample Road EP
Catwash Records

CWR033ATrust DJ W!LD’s defiantly underground imprint to deliver music that teases you into submission. Julian M. returns to the label with four new cuts of sampling delight that manage to cross the barriers of familiarity and innovation with the emphasis being on machine drums. It’s really a case of take your pick but the two tracks I love on here are the Tom Tom driven We Are Young whose sharp beats only let loose once the emotive string led sample fully drops midway. And the excellent title track which places superlative two chord piano structures against abrasive beats yet still feels soulfully emotional on the breakdown. Stunning. The remaining Boogie Too as the words suggest ignites hot Disco over sizzling hi-hats coming complete with vocals that will satisfy the party dancefloor. Leaving, Duplicate to get moodier with further strange keys and grinding drums.

release: July 16


Real Connoisseur
Jungle Jakarta EP
Purp & Soul

Purp007ArtworkWhat I like about Real Connoisseur aka Conor Lloyd’s latest production is that it doesn’t perform to expectation. For starters its heady blend of D&B drums and deeper House atmosphere’s places Jungle Jakarta in a genre all of its own, and these days that’s quite something. Not only that but its imaginative arrangement of sounds keeps you hypnotised throughout, so if you’re thinking exits outside of safe boxes then this production will most definitely appeal. First rate remixes come care of Chaos In The CBD who give it a heavier House edge and Artifact who perk it all up with Garage energy. Second track, You Don’t Love explores moodier vibes with expansive tech stabs and throbbing bass to complete.

release: July 22


Dakota Soul
From The Country To The City
Waxadisc Records

Excellent initial release from Waxadisc and just a taster from the due late August debut album by Dakota Soul. I’ll simply use the words Jazzy and Sunshine to describe this but don’t take me words for it. Play the link below and soak it up for yourself!

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