Purple Disco Machine
My House
Off Recordings

Already released, but because this is so good I just had to make sure that you where pointed in the right direction. Part of the reason why My House works quite so well is obviously the summer weather, and this clearly has sunshine blazing all over it. Besides which I’m a sucker for this type of Balearic infused groove, especially when it samples such a sassy sixties guitar lick into the bargain. All of that plus the impassioned bluesy vocals which alongside some seriously crunchy drums conjure up all sorts of hard to resist images. The second track on the release if from Liverpool’s James Silk who’s These Sheets blends boogie rhythms over snappy House drums continuing the summer theme nicely.


The Casa Project ft. Natalie Mac
Holdin On
Mad Hatter White

madNext on Mad Hatter’s list is this killer release from The Casa Project. I’m torn between the Dub and even listening to any of the other versions simply because the sounds involved provide one of the most distinctive productions so far this summer. It’s all sparkling Techno notation backed up by powerful, edgy drums yet this also includes piano chords which lend it all an almost soulful quality within its muscular arrangement. The Original mix contains the vocal which works well too but in the end it’s simply a matter of preference. Second track, Deep Groove is self-explanatory and again exudes a similar charm to the title with taught rhythms and inventive electronics sounding off.


Jamin Hernandez
I Am Real EP
Tenampa Recordings

jamGreat release from Mexican label Tenampa and an imaginative production from Jamin Hernandez. What’s so good about Release Me is that it takes the atmosphere Nu Groove etc used to create with deliciously moody pads and has transported those emotions forward into 2013 via crisp percussion and techy bass, which for some reason sounds particularly hypnotic here – the sequence of invigorating vocals helps too. The title track again immediately grabs your attention with its intro of sinister synths which are then cleverly offset by warm chords and beautiful harmonies – a second first-rate track from this equally impressive EP. The remix comes from German Brigante who adds wonky stabs to the equation alongside tougher drums. Running From Love, then completes with more soulful sounding vocals over yet funkier rhythms perfect for those deeper moments.

release: August 19


Terry Hunter
The Sound Of Bang. Chicago’s #1 House Music Ritual
BBE Records

The clue, as they say, is very much in this albums title. And true to form this effortless mix by Chicago legend Terry Hunter ticks every box when it comes to House of the more soulful variety. Indeed this music is perfect for weather right now with its blissful rhythms and soaring vocals galore. Check: Avery Sunshine, Tiger Wilson and Kenny Bodien amongst many others for testament to that fact, while the producers involved range from Timmy Regisford to DJ Spen, and of course Hunter himself – so you know you’re in safe company. The mix represents the sounds of his Sunday club night: Bang. So if you happen to be in the area…


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