Ricardo Baez Q&A

Hello and welcome to Magazine Sixty Ricardo. Love your new release for Music For Freaks: SA-2 EP. Can you tell us about the idea behind the title for the EP and where it came from?

Hello! SA-2 is a basic and super cheap model of a little keyboard. I bought it in a market in Pietrasanta and one day after a long studio session of trying to find something good, using all my main instruments… I took a break and I started to play around with this new “toy”.. and the track just came out. Everytime, it’s magic.

Buy https://MFF-MusicForFreaks.lnk.to/RicardoBaezSA-2

You have an album forthcoming this summer. How would you describe the music on there, and how have you found the process of making the album?

Making an album is a challenge as I love so many genres of music. I’m trying to find a common thread in the sound in all the tracks as well as making the order of the tracks a priority. At the moment the album is not quite finished yet, but it will be soon!

Do you work best at night, or during daytime?

Night or Day for me is the same. When I’m inspired and I have time to give (for real) space to my ideas, without thinking about problems or being preoccupied, this is the moment to start working.

Can you tell us about your studio set-up, including a favourite piece of software/ hardware that you like to use?

I don’t have a fixed set-up. I always try to change, to find the best way to release my ideas.. I use ableton with all my real machines (old or new but real) and some samples or recordings that I make. I have many cool pieces: moog little phatty, all the Roland boutique and Roland Aira, tr 707 and more BUT the most important for me are all the instruments that I buy when I travel around the world. The last one was a Whistle Maya that I bought in Teotihuacan (Mexico). Every single sound is important for me and they all have a meaning.

Tell us about the choice of the legendary Tyree Cooper as remixer for SA-2?

Justin Harris felt Tyree would do a great remix so approached him with the track. When he told me that Tyree had accepted, I was so happy. Chicago House has shaped me so much in the past, in the present and for sure in the future and to have a remix from a legend like him … is simply amazing.

Who are your main influences both within and outside of electronic music?

I don’t have that many big influences from electronic music, to tell the truth. I love some artists but they can’t (and maybe I don’t want) inspire me with ideas for music. I listen to their music as I read a book or watch a film, to understand their history and emotions. Smile or Cry. Dance or be bored. My only 2 big influences are 1) my mother and my father and all the music they gave me to listen to and 2.) the big knowledge I am very fortunate to have my life.

Can you tell us about Tropical Animals?

Tropical Animals was born to represent my little world and to play only the music that I love. Now it is one of the famous clubnight’s in Italy (they say!). The main difference between Tropical and many clubnights, is that we heavily research new artists from all over the world and not only the big names. For us the most important thing is the music not the name. We hosted for the first time out of his/her home, artists like DENIS SULTA, BAMBOUNOU, DJ BORING, etc and for the first time from our country many many more artists. Since 2010, every Thursday, you can find your home.


How would you describe the scene in Florence? Which clubs/ bars would you recommend?

The Florence’s scene atm is really positive for dance music.
If you want to listen to big DJ’s, we have events and promoters that host some of the best djs in the world. If you want to listen to new music or new underground artists and great djs too, there are clubs Like CLUB21 (the Tropical home) or TENAX.
In the clubs you dance, in the bars you drink.. and FUSION and LOCALE are the places where I usually drink a few cocktails!

(Photo By Ilaria Ieie)

And finally. Do you believe Dance music has the power to change society for the better?

Dance music can change the people. In a positive or negative way.
Only the People have the power to change society.
I don’t know, but every day me and many others djs, artists, journalists and promoters, through our work and passion, fight for this…and this is a good way.

Thank you!



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