Ricardo Villalobos Samuel Rohrer – Microgestures – Arjunamusic Records

Collaborating between the words fervent, experimental and funk comes this expression of sheer intoxication speaking an impulsive electronic language much more readily than it does of anything resembling the values of traditional music. Yet by the time Helix 7 reaches midpoint, circa five minutes, you are intimately involved with its burst of defiant energy, offset by a cast of modular rhythms and fiery punctuating snares. Incus, follows an even more rugged rhythmic path, although this time is undercut by splashes of emotive, film noir-esque keys contrasting the provocative drums.

Next, Lobule progresses into more structured territory fizzing with brisk pulses alongside twisted synthesized whirs that are best appreciated dark and loud. Completing the album is the excellent Cochlea featuring an innate sense of timing across the worlds of Jazz and Dub. Driven by the formers intense bass, which hovers over the loose structures of sounds coming and going, then taking an explorative turn eliciting the qualities of the latter provides a much more rigorous definition of soul, tempered with smouldering release. Par excellence.

Release: April 8
buy https://arjunamusic-records.bandcamp.com/album/microgestures

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