Richard Seeley – The Seeza Project No 1. – Glue Music

This makes me smile. Provoking exhilaration because all three productions are infused with such physical, evocative, forward-thinking thought, like excercising the creative process is all that matters. Music is important for that very reason after all. Not the tiresome reflection of endless worn out loops and the meaningless safety of nostalgic prevarication. That, and the fact that it all sounds deliciously electrifying in the process.

Bumpf arrives defiantly formed at over thirteen minutes in duration exploiting vigorous drums plus bass, alongside the heady communication of effected voices and scorching FX. Clumpf then sequences a richer, though edgier atmosphere into its Tom Tom punctuated grooves as they progress, leaving the deep throb of the sumptuous Grumpf to complete this release of mood enhancing par excellence.

Release: October 1

Richard Seeley | Seeza Project | Self Self · The Seeza Project No 1 Ep | Out 1st Oct
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