Roedelius & Story – 4 Hands – Erased Tapes

Its telling the power revealed in the succession of notes that drift endlessly across the spaces in-between woofers and tweeters like a magical force employed by the artists suggesting a hidden knowledge of experience. The piano has always held those qualities dear escaping the clutches of time and clique as is so eloquently demonstrated here. This new collection of works from Hans-Joachim Roedelius (Cluster/Harmonia) and American composer Tim Story provide a simple intensity that strikes at the heart, sequencing the emotional roller-coaster of the human story. The response to which may be a case of close your eyes, turn off your mind and float downstream but equally its polar opposite is true providing pure engagement and opening your eyes to the dazzling sight of daylight. The music also suggests the comfort of warmth, yet is contrasted by a pulse of winter alongside the inevitable change to come.

Release: February 25

Erased Tapes · Roedelius & Story – Spirit Clock
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