Ron Trent vs Lono Brazil vs Dazzle Drums – Manchild (In The Promised Land) – BBE

Ahh, the re-assuring bliss of classic instrumentation to soothe you all the way down. Sounds that reoccur and are endlessly satisfying. Sprung from the well of Jazz, compacted by House, accompanied by the breath of emotion that surrounds Lono Brazil’s effortlessly cool words which never lose their impact. Shinning a light on the path of a promise to a promised land and at over ten minutes the arrangement doesn’t lose sight of its goal, serving a succession of brisk bass and repeating keys augmented by string stabs and occasional sprinkles of piano. And that’s before we even get to the brilliant Dazzle Drums version. Which injects the rhythms with further percussion and breezier vibes that simply emanate soul.

Release: February 9

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