Rudimentary Peni – Farce – Crass Records

I review music I like. I love this. Approximately 28 seconds into Sacrifice and you don’t want the feeling to end, ever. Not that you understand every word but the meaning is clear. Something hot and heavy, like it’s important for basic survival. I doubt too much music is as to the point as this is, then or now. Lead singer/guitarist Nick Blinko celebrates each syllable like his life depended on it, each edge an unruly temptation.

Scratch beneath the surface and pay close attention to the interplay between the instruments, specifically the drums and bass and there is more depth that may be at first apparent: Only Human. There’s even a liquid funkiness to the title track, Farce. Expanding the timeline beyond its 1982 release and you can hear the sounds and energy bleed into a whole host of American thrash and trash metal, although avoiding genres is a necessary pleasure when qualifying important music. Listen to the proceeding Jellies and breathe. Or, Mice Race as Ron Asheton’s genius is relived. Perhaps the point here is that it’s good to feel alive, angry and repulsed by society, or not. Either way you can’t listen to Rudimentary Peni and promptly forget anything about it.

Like, The Clash never existed.

Release: September 29

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