Russian Linesman – The Eysenck Suite I – Melancholic – Loki Recording

The beautiful thing about music sometimes is how it transcends the borders of time, restrictions and so on. Emanating from somewhere in Nottingham this is the first of four new releases from the enigmatic Russian Linesman following on from 2013’s expansive Nostalgia Story. The titles suggest their own storyline such as from the melancholy strains of How Can the Sky Be So Beautiful When We Have Been So Bad? Which are then contrasted by the electro pulsations of Fauna, returning to the blistering ambience of Olympiapark next. And for me it’s those heart tearing movements that work most poignantly. Beats then inform the telling, I Thought You Were a Legend Until You Apologised leaving the remaining numbers to meander between the two themes ending on the juxtaposition of brilliant light and joy on Odin!

Release: March 27

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